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Flight Adjustments and Ticketing Procedures for COVID-19

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) said that due to an outbreak of a Novel Coronavirus in the People’s Republic of China, whereby the Chinese Government prohibits inbound and outbound flights from Wuhan and other cities in t

THAI and THAI Smile Issue the spread of Covid-19 Preventive Measures

In order to increase passenger safety and confidence in service provision, the Company has implemented additional precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through touchpoints that are strictly adhered to throughout inflight service on flights to high risk destinations

THAI Requires Health Certificate Clarifying No Risk of COVID-19 from Passengers Traveling from Disease Infected Zones in Following to CAAT Announcement

Mr. Sumeth Damrongchaitham, President, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), said that in reference to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) announcement that all Thai airlines operating flights in the high risk areas which Ministry of Public Health announced that any t

Dear Passengers,

Welcome to the website of BKV Zrt!

The Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation (BKV) owned by the Municipality of Budapest runs most of the vehicles (bus, tram, metro and trolleybus) of the extensive network of public transportation in Budapest. Other services include the famous Cog-Wheel Railway, the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular and public riverboat transport along the Danube. BKV transports approximately 1.4 billion passengers a year.

You can read about us and you can study the annual report of BKV Zrt. You can become acquainted with the history of public transport in Budapest and you can make a trip into the world of our museums.

The route planner helps you to organize your trip. Should you have any questions or comments, just consult our website on how to contact us.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our services and you will enjoy your stay in Budapest!

Driving innovation for investment funds.

We help fund managers save time, cut costs, and offer a superior investor experience.

Core Solution: ScalingFunds

ScalingFunds is our fund management software for alternative investment funds and real estate SPVs. It reduces unnecessary middlemen from the investment process by connecting fund managers, investors, and financial advisors through a user-friendly online dashboard.

Real estate, private equity, and hedge fund managers integrate ScalingFunds into their business to automate investor on-boarding, communicate with clients, and allow for the trade or transfer of fund shares.

Alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) with more than €300 billion in assets under management are using our software to cut costs and more efficiently raise capital.

Legal solution: LuxUmbrella

LuxUmbrella is our legal solution. Complementary to the software provided to fund managers and administrators, we have experience in the legal structuring of Luxembourg alternative funds (SIF, RAIF, SICARV), as well as German (Special AIF), Irish and Jersey structures.

As our software enables faster and more efficient processing of information, we can offer a more cost-efficient setup and running fee than traditional services.

If you are setting up a real estate, private equity, or other alternative investment funds in the near future, get in touch and ask for our legal solution.

Real Estate STO

Property Schoenberg uses Brickblock’s technology to facilitate a real estate security token offering that allows retail investors to buy profit participation notes.

The security tokens are registered on the blockchain in a process called ‘tokenisation’. ‘Tokenisation’ allows for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access the capital market with less financial and bureaucratic overhead.

For further details including the Security Information Sheet (Wertpapierinformationsblatt) approved by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) please click here.

Cryptocurrency exchange

7716.00000000 USD -4.21%
7145.00000000 EUR -0.74%
0.02311000 BTC -8.87%
178.31676000 USD 0.87%
0.00585000 BTC -6.85%
45.13860000 USD 0.89%
0.00651000 BTC -6.20%
50.23116000 USD 0.90%
0.00000544 BTC -4.90%
0.04197504 USD 0.91%

Low commission rates

Profitable cryptocurrency trading for all traders

Deposits and Withdrawals

Commission rates depend on the currency and the method used to make deposits and withdrawals.

Minimum commission: 1%

  • Rebate payments are rare in exchanges. We support all market traders who place an order to buy or sell, and pay an additional fee to market makers.
  • For traders who conclude existing market orders, the commission will depend on the trading volume: the higher the volume, the lower the commission. The minimum commission is 0.06%.

Reliable platform for secure cryptocurrency trading

Crypto exchanges are increasingly being targeted by hackers.

In 2017 the largest cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. Hackers stole customer details and millions of dollars in bitcoins. To keep traders’ personal information and assets safe, we are using proven multi-level security information systems.

  • 2FA provides account protection and prevents third parties from accessing it
  • The SSL Certificate helps traders protect their data during transfer
  • DDoS mitigation provides uninterrupted access to the exchange market
  • Funds can be withdrawn only after user ID verification
  • Crypto assets are kept in hot/cold storage
  • Fund withdrawals are suspended for up to 72 hours when personal details are changed

Easy-to-use tools for presenting and analyzing data

Cryptocurrency trading is a young financial industry. It is quickly developing in response to trader demands.

We monitor the needs of the market and develop our list of available features accordingly. We implement modern technologies to facilitate quote analysis and help customers make trading decisions. Our traders assess the current situation with the most reliable tools on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Exchange rate chart

Our exchange rate chart allows our traders to customize the data displayed:

  • change the interface by 40 parameters
  • select graph type
  • set time limits
  • use 70 indicators

Deposit and withdrawal methods for fiat money

Wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods

Analysis of the existing market offer in cryptocurrency trading has shown that traders sometimes struggle to top up their account with fiat funds or withdraw fiat currency from their account. Even popular cryptocurrency exchanges do not always offer this opportunity. So we have decided to correct this. Customers can top up their accounts in CNY, euros, yen, rubles or dollars. There are no restrictions on the amount that can be deposited or withdrawn.

When currency is converted all deposits and withdrawals are carried out at the current exchange rate of the payment system.

Convenient platform for cryptocurrency trading

CREX24 is a new cryptocurrency exchange. The official CREX24 website was launched in 2017. In the wake of the growing popularity of digital currencies, we have been developing a convenient and functional trading platform.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile – their value often changes. There is no centralized governmental cryptocurrency regulation, so their value largely depends on the demand and supply on the market. This makes cryptocurrencies an attractive asset for trading on the exchange market.

Due to its popularity, the demand for cryptocurrency is increasing and it is growing in value. As such it is becoming a profitable long-term investment.

New ways of spending digital currency are emerging, such as the purchase of goods and services. Thanks to fast payments, low fees and extra security, cryptocurrency represents a convenient way to make payments.

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